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ARM's 2014 Annual Industry Report is now available for download! This year's report provides a comprehensive and detailed review of the financial and clinical activity of 400+ leading regenerative medicine and advanced therapy companies developing cellular-based therapies, gene therapies and gene-modified cell therapies.   

“Unlike many therapeutics currently available that are designed to address symptoms of disease or delay disease progression, RM products have the potential to cure or significantly change the course of disease, " said Geoff MacKay, Chairman of ARM and President and CEO of Organogenesis Inc. "We are thrilled with the progress that has been made in the field and are dedicated to continuing our work with regulatory agencies, policy makers and payers to further define strategies to streamline and support the commercialization of additional RM products.”

Highlights of the Report Include:

  • An overview of the RM and advanced therapy landscape, including a clinical development breakdown by therapeutic area for 45 primary cell-based therapeutic companies, 91 stem cell and progenitor cell-based therapeutic companies, 42 cell-based immunotherapy companies and 69 gene therapy companies – 67% of the products these companies are developing are in mid to late-stage clinical trials

  • Milestones anticipated for 2014 including investigational new drug filings (INDs) and more than 20 clinical data readouts for heart disease, stroke, ALS, ulcerative colitis, kidney failure, various cancers and macular degeneration to name a few

  • A twelve-month financial overview of investment activity and market performance for the field including top deals, financings and acquisitions - financings for the year totaled $2.3 billion, significantly up from prior years

  • Results from the ARM Pharmaceutical and Large-Cap Biotech Survey highlighting industry perspectives on RM investing, specific areas of interest, business strategies for pursuing RM, near- and long-term therapeutic opportunities and potential challenges – 100% of the 16 companies interviewed are already investing in RM in some capacity

The combined RM field, including cell, gene and gene modified cell therapies, generated $4.7 billion through deals, acquisitions and public and private investments from March 2013 to March 2014.  This reflects the sector’s strong potential for the treatment of chronic and life threatening diseases—today, there is a growing number of marketed products backed by a mature clinical pipeline including more than 247 companies being tracked by ARM which are developing 460 products and sponsoring more than 700 trials. 

“Cell- and gene-based regenerative medicine is a hotbed of progress poised to revolutionize patient care across multiple therapeutic areas including oncology, cardiovascular and ocular diseases, wound healing, autoimmune disorders and spinal cord injuries. We are encouraged by the growth of the field in just the past 12 months as highlighted in this Industry Report, and also by the ever increasing support for regenerative medicine as evidenced by ARM’s recent Pharma Survey and the newly introduced Regenerative Medicine Promotion Act in Congress. ARM reaffirms our commitment to work with regulatory agencies, policy makers and payers to deliver cost-effective, high-value therapies that improve and save lives.” - Geoff MacKay, Chairman of ARM and President and CEO of Organogenesis Inc.

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