Advisory Groups & Forums

Opportunities for members to shape ARM’s role as “Voice of the Sector” and advance our collective priorities.

Opportunities for members to shape ARM’s role as “Voice of the Sector” and advance our collective priorities.

ARM’s current governance structure is meant to support our 2023-2025 Strategic Plan. It consists of Advisory Groups, Forums, and Task & Finish Groups, of which more information can be found below.

Advisory Groups


ARM Advisory Groups will address specific topic areas, such as European Regulatory or Medicaid, to support ARM’s 2023-2025 Global Public Affairs Strategic Plan. These groups allow members to shape ARM’s role as “Voice of the Sector” and advance public affairs priorities for the cell and gene therapy sector.

Who can join?

Advisory Groups will consist of approximately 8-15 subject matter experts and will be led by a chair and vice-chair. To join, individuals at ARM member companies must apply for consideration by the chair and vice-chair of their interested group. Applications to enter will be circulated on a rolling basis via email. When groups have more volunteers than available spots, we reserve a waitlist for interested members.

If you have any questions or wish to send in an application, please email Elaine Blauser at

Current Advisory Groups

EU Regulatory Advisory Group

Chair: Sybille Herzer, Kite Pharma

EU Market Access & Value Recognition Advisory Group

Chair: Francis Pang, Orchard Therapeutics
Vice-Chair: Stephen Connell, Pfizer

European Leadership Advisory Group (Invite only)

Chair: Chris Vann, Autolus Therapeutics
Vice-Chair: Miguel Forte, Kiji Therapeutics

US Government Relations Advisory Group

Chair: Jay Greissing, BioMarin Pharmaceutical Inc.

US Intel & Regulatory Policy Advisory Group

Chair: Robert Pietrusko, Vor Biopharma
Vice-Chair: Nimi Chhina, BioMarin Pharmaceutical Inc.

Medicaid Policy Advisory Group

Chair: Scott McGoohan, Vertex Pharmaceuticals
Vice-Chair: Mary Lacey Reuther, CSL Behring

Medicare Policy Advisory Group

Chair: Brent Rice, Autolus Therapeutics
Vice-Chair: Laura Okpala, Kite Pharma

Value Workstream & Narrative Advisory Group

Chair: Dan Kirby, Orca Bio
Vice-Chair: Clark Paramore, bluebird bio

Regulatory CMC Advisory Group

Chair: Mike Mendicino, Hybrid Concepts
Vice-Chair: Mia Wang, Novartis

Cell Therapy Advisory Group

Chair: Rupa Pike, Thermo Fisher Scientific
Vice-Chairs: Kristi Jones, NexImmune, and Adrienne Farid, Century Therapeutics

Gene Therapy Advisory Group

Chair: Sven Kili, Antion Biosciences
Vice-Chair: Khandan Baradaran, Ultragenyx

Tissue Engineering Advisory Group

Chair: Jordan Lancaster, Avery Therapeutics
Vice-Chairs: Eric Roos, Aspect Biosystems, and Geoff Hamilton, Stemson Therapeutics

Member Forums


Forums keep members abreast of the latest developments in a specific topic area from the cell and gene therapy sector, for example, US reimbursement. They also serve as an opportunity for participants to build relationships within their specialty. While Forums are not decision-making bodies, there may be opportunities to provide input into ARM’s ongoing activities. ARM staff and relevant topical Advisory Group Chairs may draw from the Forum participants for special projects.

Who can join?

All ARM members are welcome to participate in any Forums of interest. There is no ceiling on the number of participants from a member organization. To register for ARM Forums, please click here. For any questions, please email Elaine Blauser at

Task & Finish Groups


In instances where issues overlap with the mandate of multiple membership groups, ARM may create a new Task & Finish Group or similar coordinating mechanism to ensure the appropriate perspectives are represented. These time-limited groups will aim to deliver outputs, such as best practices or a specific project.

Who can join?

Based on the project timeline and group’s needs, ARM will seek subject-matter-experts from all ARM members to join.