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Cell and Gene Therapy Sector Data

Sector Data at Your Fingertips

Every quarter, ARM publishes fresh data that highlights sector trends in clinical trials, investment, and developer growth. We supplement our data releases with periodic commentary, the Sector Snapshot, that contextualizes what’s new, what’s important, and why it matters.

Note to our readers: As of Q1 2023, we have updated our approach to collecting sector data by building our data collection around identifying relevant drug assets within ARM’s technology scope. This approach has enhanced our data in multiple ways, including identifying 1,000+ undetected developers in our previous approach centered on identifying relevant clinical trials.

Our Q1 2024 sector data is now available below.

Q1 2024 Data

Published May 2024

Clinical Trials

Access a full breakdown of global clinical trials within the cell and gene therapy sector.


Therapeutic Developers

A quick glimpse at the total number of therapeutic developers globally.



An overview of investment figures, equity performance, and financial deals that shape the sector.


For general inquiries regarding our data, or if you are interested in purchasing the curated Cell and Gene Therapy Dataset that ARM produces with its data partner, Global Data, please contact Patrick Richard, ARM’s Data & Analytics Lead, at

The Sector Snapshot

ARM commentary that spotlights notable trends and stories driving the sector.

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