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2022 James W. Freston Single Topic Conference: Gastrointestinal Organoids and Engineered Organ Systems

Washington D.C.

October 7–8, 2022

This topical conference focuses on emerging organoid cell culture, tissue engineering, and stem cell technologies that have revolutionized the study of human GI tissues. The 2022 James W. Freston Single Topic conference will bring together a diverse group of experts, including developmental biologists, physiologists, pathologists, bioengineers, tissue-chip developers, and clinicians, to present state-of-the-art research and to stimulate new interdisciplinary collaborations.

The conference is intended to further the development of effective human cell culture models to study GI biology and disease, and to define tissue engineering approaches for regenerative medicine. The meeting will enhance the dissemination of novel organoid/tissue engineered platforms to foster broad and rapid adoption by the GI research community. Attendees will have an opportunity to present their research in short talks or posters.