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2019 TERMIS-AM Conference

Orlando, FL

December 2–5, 2019

Dear Colleagues and Friends,
We are excited to announce that the 2019 TERMIS-AM Conference will be held December 2-5, 2019 in Orlando, Florida at the Loews Sapphire Falls Resort Universal Orlando™! As the conference Chairs, we would like to underline why we accepted this mandate and our goals for this conference:

  1. Tissue Engineering and Regenerative Medicine is unique space that continues to push the boundaries of clinical therapies. Exciting products are emerging in the clinic, while preclinical research is developing innovative approaches that exhibit substantial promise. As a world-leading, interactive community in the field for well over a decade, TERMIS provides an ideal venue to deliver a comprehensive update on these endeavors.
  2. Florida is the ideal place for supporting an Americas meeting, situated almost in the barycenter of the Americas at the crossing routes between Latino America, the continental US, and Canada. This locale, with ideal winter weather and local attractions, will foster an environment for meeting, enjoying, sharing and networking.
  3. This conference will be planned and managed to be Transversal, Translational and Transformative. Transversal knowledge. Translational approaches. Transformative solutions. We will strive to create an agenda that fosters integrative and circular routes of thinking, inspiring young minds, transforming old visions, and accelerating clinical solutions.
  4. Finally, we are organizing this conference to be an experience. The highest scientific and technical level will be targeted. A warm and friendly networking experience will be stimulated. A healthy atmosphere, where Science meets People will be generated.

We promise you that this will be the conference of all Americans, from Latino America to Canada and from the east to the west coast. Please help us in making this event an experience!  If you are interested in receiving more information on the conference, please email

Looking forward to meet every one of you in Orlando!

Cherie & Diego

TERMIS-AM 2019 Conference Co-Chairs