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Advanced Industrial Bioprocessing Professional Short Course

Lowell, USA

August 5–9, 2019

Course Outline: The trainees will learn core principles and concepts of industrial bioprocessing of protein, cell and gene therapies. The course covers key concepts and practices of upstream, downstream and analytical bioprocessing technologies. In addition, FDA initiatives of PAT (Process Analytical Technology), Quality by Design, and Emerging Technology will be covered. The course consists of 7 modules.

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Course Modules:

Module 1, Upstream Bioprocessing

Module 2, Downstream Bioprocessing

Module 3, Analytical Technology in Bioprocessing

Module 4, Cell Therapy & Bioprocessing

Module 5, Gene Therapy & Bioprocessing

Module 6, Regulatory, QbD, and PAT in Bioprocessing

Module 7, Systems Biotechnology