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ARM Symposium at TERMIS World Congress

September 11, 2015

Introduction by Claudia Zylberberg, PhD – Alliance for Regenerative Medicine officer and CEO, Akron Biotech

Session chairs:
Sarah Haecker, PhD – director, technology sections, Alliance for Regenerative Medicine; chief scientific officer, Adjuvant Partners

Tom Novak, PhD – co-chair, tissue engineering and biomaterials section, Alliance for Regeneratie Medicine; vice president, corporate development, Cellular Dynamics International Panelists:

Brian Newsom – business development leader, ThermoFisher Scientific
Jon Rowley – chief executive and technology officer, RoosterBio, Inc
Jed Johnson – chief technology officer, Nanofiber Solutions, Inc.
Chris Gemmiti – business development lead, Wyss Institute for Biologically Inspired Engineering, Harvard University
Steven Wirth – program manager, Invetech

This ARM-sponsored symposium serves as a follow-up to our session on “Key Strategies in the Commercialization of Tissue Engineered Products” at the 2014 TERMIS-AM Conference in Washington, D.C., highlighting key issues in manufacturing, product regulation and reimbursement and financing.

More information on TERMIS World Congress 2015 is available here.