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Call for Submissions! California Life Sciences seeking Cell & Gene Therapy thought leaders

San Diego

October 18–November 29, 2022

California Life Sciences is preparing for our December issue of our digital magazine, Life Sciences Insights. For this edition, we’ll be exploring the topic of Cell and Gene Therapy: the current market scenario, the latest trends and drivers, and the overall market environment. We invite your organization to contribute an article.

Here’s what we want to hear from you:

  1. Your lessons learned. Where have you failed and succeeded?
  2. How do we further research, navigate the increasing complexity, especially at scale?
  3. Your views on the future of CGT
  4. How can we realize the potential of CGT? Translate it into a commercial reality?
  5. CGT changes and opportunities ahead
  6. How are you accelerating CGT innovation?

The articles, reserved for CLS member companies, are not meant to be ads, but real thought leadership exploring your efforts and ideas.

  1. Content is free to submit
  2. Written in the third person
  3. Between 500 and 700 words
  4. Contain 1-2 images related to the article

The deadline for article submission is no later than Tuesday, November 29. Please notify us if you plan to participate, and submit your articles to