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GE Healthcare's Cell Manufacturing II Symposium 2014 - Cellular Immunotherapy

May 28–29, 2014

GE Healthcare’s Cellular Immunotherapy 2014 Symposium 

Where: GE Global Research Center, Niskayuna, NY 
Date: 28th and 29th May, 2014 

Speakers include:
Dr L. Cooper, MD, PhD – MD Anderson Cancer Center
Jason Kolbert – Maxim Group
Dr H. Fraser – Kings College London
Brian Hampson – PCT
H. Huls – MD Anderson Cancer Center
Dr. Katy Newton – Cell Medica
Dr. J. Bartlett – Calimmune
Mr K. Suzuki – Medinet
Prof. J. Zhu, MD, PhD – Fudan University Hushan Hospital
Jan Thirkettle, GSK – TBC
Dr K. Niss, PhD – Novartis
Antonio Lee – Medipost
G. Hodge – GE Healthcare Life Sciences

During this symposium you will be able to: 
Hear from cell therapy experts from Europe, North America and Asia
Discuss practical examples of progressing therapies through to manufacturing, with a focus on process development, scale-out and logistical challenges
Network with scientists from academia, manufacturing and industry
Take part in focus groups centered around specific technologies

The event is free of charge, however, registration is limited to the first 100 participants.
More Information & Registration: