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ISSCR 2015 Annual Meeting

June 24–27, 2015

About the Meeting:
The ISSCR is the premier international society for stem cell science, an organization dedicated to a concerted international approach to advancing research towards new therapies. The ISSCR Annual Meeting provides an opportunity for scientists, clinicians, educators and industry professionals to share new data, learn from peers, and discover global advances within the stem cell field. With approximately 3000 professionals from 55 countries, the ISSCR 2015 Annual Meeting is the global source of the discoveries that are the basis for treatments of tomorrow. Learn more at

Early registration deadline: March 11
Advance registration deadline: May 6

Plenary Topics:
Disease Modeling
Making Tissues and Organs
Immunology and Stem Cells
Pluripotency, Mechanisms of Reprogramming
Regeneration and Engraftment
Therapy with Stem Cells

Featured Speakers:
Presidential Symposium
Fred H. Gage
Salk Institute for Biological Sciences, U.S.
Jürgen Knoblich
Institute of Molecular Biotechnology, Austria
Shinya Yamanaka
Center for iPS Cell Research & Application, Japan

Anne McLaren Memorial Lecture
Jeannie Lee
Massachusetts General Hospital, U.S.

Ernest McCulloch Memorial Lecture
Hiromitsu Nakauchi
University of Tokyo, Japan

Keynote Speaker
Robert Langer
Massachusetts Institute of Technology, U.S.