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MSC 2013: Adult Stem Cell Therapy and Regenerative Medicine

August 19–21, 2013

Registration and Poster Abstract Submission for MSC 2013: Adult Stem Cell Therapy and Regenerative Medicine is now open–reserve your spot today!  MSC 2013, which will take place in Cleveland, OH, August 19-21, 2013, will offer a forum for the exchange and discussion of research, ideas, and cutting-edge breakthroughs in translational regenerative medicine. 

What does MSC stand for?
For our conference “Multipotent Stem Cell” but also Mesenchymal Stem Cell, Medicinal Signaling Cell, Mesenchymal Stromal Cell, and Marrow Stem Cell. 

Who should attend?
The breadth of topics from basic discovery through model validation, clinical product development, and therapeutic application, in addition to the links between academic and commercial labs, make this conference imperative for industrial researchers, academic investigators, IP and regulatory specialists, biotechnology development investors and post-doctoral and graduate students.

Why should you attend?
-Interact with top names in the adult stem cell field – the MSC 2013 Directors, Frank Barry, Arnold Caplan, Robert Deans, Stanton Gerson, Michael Gilkey, Jan Nolta, and Mahendra Rao, chose cutting-edge researchers to be included in the program
-Present your research during the conference by submitting for a poster presentation – Podium Presentations will be chosen from submissions
-Participate in building a consensus for the next important questions in the field
-You won’t miss any of the talks, there is only one track
-Cleveland has a United Airlines hub and we negotiated a cheap room rate so your travel costs will be low

MSC 2013 will:
-Feature invited lectures from thought-leaders and provide podium talks, poster sessions, and a venue for investigators and students to present and discuss their research
-Focus on the translation of adult stem cell and tissue engineering technologies from the bench to the bedside
-Promote interactions between the research and commercialization communities to accelerate FDA approval
-Review academic and commercial cell therapy clinical trials in cardiovascular, pulmonary, neurological and immunological field
-Include a discussion on “Standardization of MSC Nomenclature: Paracrine versus Markers” by thought leaders in the field

MSC 2013 speakers include:
Eben Alsberg (Case Western Reserve University – CWRU), Frank Barry (National University of Ireland), Elmar Burchardt (Pfizer), Arnold Caplan (CWRU), Jeffrey Cohen (Cleveland Clinic), Fabio Cominelli (University Hospitals Case Medical Center – UHCMC), Robert Deans (Athersys), Marcos deLima (UHCMC), James Dennis (Benaroya Research Institute), Boro Dropulic (Lentigen), Jacques Galipeau (Emory University), Stanton Gerson (UHCMC), Jeffrey Gimble (Louisiana State University), Josh Hare (University of Miami), Robert Harman (VetStem), Johnny Huard (University of Pittsburgh), Silviu Itescu (Mesoblast Limited), Irina Kerkis (Instituto Butantan – Brazil), Liisa Kuhn (University of Connecticut Health Center), Katarina LeBlanc (Karolinska Institutet), Robert Mays (Athersys), Anthony Mikos (Rice University), Randall Mills (Osiris), Jan Nolta (UC Davis), Bruno Peault (The University of Edinburgh), Marc Penn (Summa Health System), Mick Perez-Cruet (Beaumont Health System), Antonello Pileggi (University of Miami), Mahendra Rao (NIH), Luc Sensebe (STROMALab), Alice Tarantal (UC Davis), Rocky Tuan (University of Pittsburgh), Daniel Weiss (University of Vermont), and Anthony Windebank (Mayo)

For the full program go to

Join this prestigious list of speakers by submitting a poster abstract for consideration in 20 Podium Presentations – deadline July 19, 2013.  Talks are judged by fit with program, strength of research, “rising star” investigator status and geographic diversity.

Discount registration available:
We are pleased to offer you the discounted registration rate shown below:
Corporate Registrations for $550 instead of $750
Non-Profit Registrations for $450 instead of $495
Student Registrations for $300 instead of $350 

To get this rate you will have to register as shown below, click on any of the QuikPay options to complete the registration process, then close the QuikPay window and use the special link shown here: to complete your payment.

How to register:
To register online or to download registration materials, visit also consider submitting an abstract for poster presentation – deadline is July 19, 2013.  For complete poster submission guidelines and podium talks, visit

We look forward to seeing you at MSC 2013!  To learn more about the conference and how you can participate, please visit, or contact Michael Gilkey at 216-368-2079 or