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Regenerative Medicine Crossroad in Tokyo #3

February 1, 2017

Event structure: Half-day session consisting of concurrent oral presentations and multiple one-on-one partnering meetings, along with a networking mixer at the end of the day
Target organizations for speakers: Development pipeline or technology seeds holders who seek partners to bring their product development to Japan
Tentative date: February 1, 2017, Wednesday
Location/Venue: Conference Room, NihonbashiLife Science Building 2F, Tokyo, Japan
Projected number of entries: 3 to 6 partner-seeking organizations
Terms of entry: Free entry; No compensation will be offered by RMIT for any costs incurred before or during participation (e.g., transportation and expenses)

Registration deadline: November 25, 2016, Friday (JST)

Any questions, please do not hesitate to direct them to Fuyu Mori, RMCR Organizer, Secretary General, RMIT;