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Regenerative Medicine Crossroad in Tokyo #4

June 2, 2017

Regenerative Medicine Crossroad in Tokyo #4

A crossroad is where people meet, where a discussion starts, and friendship begins. We have organized this event to facilitate the effective networking of those who seek partners or licensees to develop their products or materialize their technology seeds in Japan and the relevant partner candidates.

Target Organizations for Speakers.

Typically, the targets are development pipelines or technology seed holders who seek partners to bring their product development to or find licensees in Japan.

Event Structure

A half-day session consisting of concurrent oral presentations and multiple one-on-one partnering meetings, along with a networking mixer at the end of the day, is to be held. Demographics We have successfully accommodated 17 speaker groups and over 250 individuals as attendees over the previous three Crossroad events.

Deadline for the preliminary registration: April 19, 2017, Wednesday

Contact: FuyuhikoMori, RMCR Organizer, Secretary General, RMIT;