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Selections from DISORDER: The Rare Disease Film Festival at Biotech Week Boston

Boston, MA

September 6, 2018

May you never be more moved at the movies

DISORDER: The Rare Disease Film Festival showcases a curated lineup of films addressing the challenges and struggles of patients, and their families, living with a rare disease face on a day-to-day basis. These films put the often abstract and dire clinical information into the context of real people living their lives.

Taking place in the first week of September, a series of screenings from DISORDER will be shown as part of Biotech Week Boston. The screenings aim to build connections between the biopharma community, patient advocacy groups, patients, and those who are passionate about finding cures for those living with rare diseases, which may ultimately lead to new paths for research.

Join us to explore the challenges, hopes, and inspiration that come from these films.

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