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The NYSCF Conference

October 19–20, 2021

The NYSCF Conference is the leading scientific meeting on translational stem cell research. It annually convenes over 500 participants from academia, industry, government, non-profits, and patient groups. Speakers include world-renowned, multi-disciplinary scientists, who will present their latest findings about the transformative impact of stem cell research on numerous diseases with a high unmet need.

For more information and to register please visit:

Confirmed Speakers, Panelists, and Chairs:

  • Derrick Rossi, PhD — Founder, Moderna Therapeutics
  • Tony Coles, MD — Cerevel Therapeutics
  • Michelle McMurry-Heath, MD, PhD — Biotechnology Innovation Organization
  • Domenico Accili, MD — Columbia University Medical Center
  • Laura Andres-Martin, PhD — The NYSCF Research Institute
  • Paola Arlotta, PhD – Harvard University
  • Marie Bernard, MD — National Institutes of Health
  • Shuibing Chen, PhD – Weill Cornell Medicine
  • Alice Chen-Plotkin, MD – University of Pennsylvania
  • Jose Conejo-Garcia, MD, PhD – Moffitt Cancer Center
  • Tobias Deuse, MD — University of California, San Francisco
  • Jennifer Elisseeff, PhD – Johns Hopkins University
  • Valentina Fossati, PhD – The NYSCF Research Institute
  • Valentina Greco, PhD – Yale University
  • Ya-Chieh Hsu, PhD – Harvard University
  • Shane Liddelow, PhD – NYU Langone Health
  • Alysson Muotri, PhD – University of California, San Diego
  • Shahin Rafii, MD – Weill Cornell Medicine
  • Carolyn Rodriguez, MD, PhD — Stanford University
  • Lee Rubin, PhD – Harvard Stem Cell Institute
  • Krishanu Saha, PhD – University of Wisconsin-Madison
  • Sohrab Shah, PhD – Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center
  • Padmanee Sharma, MD, PhD — MD Anderson Cancer Center
  • Susan L. Solomon, JD – The NYSCF Research Institute
  • Viviane Tabar, MD – Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center
  • Takanori Takebe, MD, PhD – Cincinnati Children’s Hospital Medical Center
  • Craig B. Thompson, MD – Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center
  • Matthias von Herrath, MD – La Jolla Institute for Immunology; NovoNordisk
  • Celia Witten, MD, PhD – Food and Drug Administration
  • Rachel Yehuda, PhD – Icahn School of Medicine at Mount Sinai