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Workshop: Process Considerations for Cryogenic & Regenerative Medicine Commercialization

February 28–March 1, 2018

McKesson, Fisher BioServices, GE Healthcare and Cryoport are proud to announce our first annual workshop. Our FREE two-day workshop will provide a forum for industry experts to present and discuss current technological advancements in cryogenic management, regulatory requirements and best practices for processes in the support of regenerative medicine commercialization. The event is aimed at biotechnology and pharmaceutical professionals who want to learn more about the critical considerations for the development and commercialization of these vital therapies.

The workshop will feature groundbreaking topics on:

  • Cryogenic shipper technology
  • Data logger technology
  • Regulatory guidance
  • Manufacturing automation and cell therapy
  • Reimbursement and integrated care management
  • and more!

For full details and to register visit: or download the workshop’s Complete Program here!