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Mygogenesis has developed a proprietary process to revert somatic cells to Totipotent cells, which are zygotic clones, we term MYGOTES. These cells can then be converted to any cell type. There are no vectors, mRNA, Viral or others used and with no changes to the DNA. It is a proven process which has been used to produce all the different cell types ,ie. neurons ,cardiomyocytes, chondrocytes , cardiac cells ,RBC’s, etc. It allows autologous cell production. We boldly state it will relace the IPSC platform. Our first commercial product is non-human. These are amebocytes. These come from horseshoe blood and used to obtain LAL which is used by every injectable drug and implantable device company and laboratories to assure no endotoxin contamination. One million horseshoe crabs are bled each year to obtain these amebocytes. We can produce all the amebocytes needed by using a few leg muscles from one Horseshoe crab, with our process, without ever needing to bleed any HSCs. Our next project is O negative blood production. We are also involved in a study with a Medical College, producing neurons to develop a cure for a rare neurologic disease. We plan to expand more vigorously into human therapeutics.

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