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Seraxis, Inc. is a private regenerative medicine company with the mission of bringing cell replacement therapies to patients in need. With several products in development, its lead product, SR-01, is a novel combination product for type 1 diabetes with an IND application anticipated for 2020. SR-01 comprises of lab-grown human pancreatic islets encased within a novel bi-layered encapsulation device that protects the cells from cytotoxic alloimmune response. The Seraxis researchers are able to create functionally mature human insulin-secreting islets at a level and purity never before reported through a combination of a proprietary iPS cell line and a novel cell differentiation protocol. The retrievable encapsulation device employs biocompatible components and enables the cells to have close association to the host vasculature to physiologically regulate blood glucose. These proprietary technologies have been developed using GMP-processes and are characterized for clinical use.

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