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Accelerated Biosciences is a regenerative medicine company. We are researching, developing, and commercializing stem cell technologies for research, drug discovery, development and toxicology, leading to programs for regenerative medicine.

Our hTSC product is purified human Trophoblast Stem Cells, isolated from embryonic‐stage ectopic pregnancies.

The hTSC is isolated from preimplantation embryos in the fallopian tubes of women with ectopic pregnancy. Ectopic pregnancies account for 1 to 2% of all pregnancies in industrialized countries, providing a locally abundant source of cells. hTSCs are pluripotent, share pluripotent markers with human embryonic stem (hES) cells, but are distinct from placenta‐derived mesenchymal stem cells. All‐trans retinoic acid efficiently induces hTSCs into stable trophoblast neural stem cells (tNSCs) in 1‐day. In animal studies, intracranial implantation of 1‐day RA‐induced tNSCs substantially regenerates the dopaminergic nigrostriatal pathway and functionally alleviates parkinsonian symptoms in both acute and chronic Parkinsonian rats. bFGF efficiently induces hTSC into insulin‐producing pancreatic progenitors in 1‐day, via miR‐124a modulated pathways.

The hTSC is an efficient stem cell platform that can significantly accelerate research timelines and lower expenditures. It is a dynamic cell that is potentially suitable for use in disease models, drug discovery, and cell therapy.

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