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Biostage is a pioneering biotechnology company in the emerging field of regenerative medicine. The goal? Regenerate and restore organ function of the esophagus, trachea or bronchus damaged by cancer, trauma, infection or congenital diseases.

The company’s novel Cellframe™ technology is engineered to stimulate the body’s signaling pathways and natural healing process to regenerate and restore organ function. Our Cellframe technology is based on over 20 years of scientific progress in the fields of tissue engineering, cell biology and material science. Cellframe technology combines the best attributes of a synthetic scaffold with tissue engineering and cell biology to create what may be a revolutionary method of addressing organ damage.

Biostage has been developing its new generation of organ implants as a platform capable of being used in the esophagus and main airways (trachea and bronchi). The current platform, based on our Cellframe technology, represents a complete re-engineering of our earlier organ scaffold and cell technology to better stimulate the regenerative properties of each of these organs. Biostage’s Cellframe technology platform is used to create organ specific Cellspan implants. Recent large animal data showed promising results as our Cellframe technology applied to the esophagus achieved the regeneration of esophageal tissue.

The company is currently expanding its preclinical data in collaboration with Mayo Clinic, one of the world’s pre-eminent medical institutions and a leader in regenerative medicine innovation. The company intends to submit an IND with the FDA for its first indication in 2016.HART was incorporated on May 3, 2012 by Harvard Bioscience to provide a clinical-stage regenerative medicine company developing life-saving medical devices. Harvard Bioscience has been designing and manufacturing devices for life science researchers for over 100 years. HART was first established in 2007 to explore the regenerative medicine market and determine if the company’s expertise and commitment to leading edge technology could be applied to treating unmet critical medical needs. HART has grown to become the recognized leader in providing scaffolds, bioreactors and other tools for synthetic tracheas. The company is uniquely positioned to develop advanced instrumentation to accelerate regenerative medicine, tissue engineering and cell therapy experimentation. Our corporate headquarters are in the Boston area allowing us to develop relationships with world renown universities, hospitals and one of the leading worldwide biotechnology clusters. We also have leveraged these relationships to work with leading researchers, clinicians and centers across the world. We believe combining our commitment to patients with clinical and research relationships will allow us to drive the basic technology developed in the initial organs and expand into work on other critical disease states that effect solid organs.

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