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Biotech Mountains is the investment and management company of Alexander Vos. Mr. Vos has 25 years of leadership experience in the biotech industry. After five years at the pharmaceutical practice of McKinsey&Co., he continued at Genzyme Therapeutics Europe, holding several executive positions, including global responsibility for the Genzyme/Pharming JV to develop an ERT for Pompe’s Disease. From 2000 to 2004, Mr. Vos served as CEO of MediService AG (Switzerland), one of the leading specialty pharmacy service companies in Europe, which was successfully sold to Galenica AG. Subsequently he joined PAION AG, a publicly listed, clinical stage biopharma company based in Aachen (Germany) as a Member of the Management Board (“Vorstand”), deputy-CEO and COO. In 2010 he became the CEO of PharmaCell BV and helped turn it into the leading European CMO for cell and gene therapy. PharmaCell was sold to Lonza in May 2017 creating another successful exit for investors. He has served on ARMs Board and Executive Committee. Mr. Vos holds a MS in Pharmacy and Pharmacology from the University of Amsterdam and an MBA from Stanford University. With Biotech Mountains he intends to focus on investments and venture-management in the biotech industry.

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