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Founded in 2020, Code Bio is a biotechnology company pioneering targeted non-viral delivery of genetic medicines that is focused on fulfilling the vast potential of its proprietary DNA delivery technology to transform patients’ lives. The company’s novel 3DNA platform stands apart through its ability to target various cells and tissues with a high degree of specificity. Code Bio’s technology uses modular, programmable building blocks that can deploy a myriad of genetic medicines through tissue-targeted, re-doseable delivery, which may help address diseases with mutations in large genes. Ultimately, Code Bio’s goal is to leverage its 3DNA platform to unlock the potential of genetic medicines and overcome limitations of other delivery approaches in gene therapy.

Led by a diverse team, the company is advancing an internal pipeline of genetic medicines focused on select disease areas and establishing partnerships to take forward strategic programs that hold promise for both rare and prevalent diseases. The company also has several active business development partnerships, including a recent collaboration and option agreement with Takeda.

Based in the Philadelphia metro area, Code Bio recently raised $75 million in a Series A of new venture capital to develop genetic medicines based on its platform technology. With this financing, on top of an initial $10M Seed round, Code Bio plans to move therapies forward for two lead programs in Duchenne Muscular Dystrophy and Type 1 diabetes with the goal of getting them into clinical studies that may later support human testing. Code Bio also intends to use the financing to expand its pipeline and platform applications, manufacturing, and operations.
The Code Bio team has expertise in business, biotechnology and nanotechnology that propels a strong trajectory toward curing and treating diseases through transformative genetic medicines. Code Bio is leading efforts to illustrate the power of DNA delivery technology that will ultimately improve treatments and save lives.

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