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Entos Pharmaceuticals Inc. is a clinical-stage genetic medicines company founded in 2016 ushering in the new era of genetic medicines. The era of genetic medicines is gated by safe and efficient delivery of nucleic acid payloads encoding gene replacement, gene modulation and gene editing therapies to their appropriate target cells. The limitations of existing platforms have only resulted in a handful of approvals in the genetic medicine space amongst hundreds of failures—many of which are attributed to unintended biodistribution, toxicity, poor tolerability at high doses and vector immunogenicity virtually eliminating re-dosing. Entos is developing nucleic acid based treatments for diseases with high unmet medical needs leveraging its groundbreaking genetic medicine delivery platform, Fusogenix™, to solve the delivery problem holding back genetic medicines. Entos is developing these therapies through its internal pipeline and through partnerships with other biotech/pharma companies. The Fusogenix platform combines the best attributes of currently available viral and nonviral delivery technology and allows for delivery of all nucleic acid modalities including DNA, RNA, and gene editing tools. Fusogenix is able to deliver nucleic acid cargoes to specific tissues and most importantly, able to deliver extra-hepatically with precision, avoiding the liver altogether if desired. Entos is headquartered in Edmonton, Alberta, Canada, with offices in London, UK, and office and lab facilities in San Diego, California, USA.

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