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Germfree Laboratories Inc. creates environments that serve life science innovation and advance global health. The company,
founded in 1962, designs, engineers, and manufactures flexible cGMP-compliant cleanroom facilities and mobile units, as well
as high containment laboratories, which are process-ready, upon deployment.

Germfree is deeply committed to enabling clients to develop lifesaving cures, administer life-saving medicines and prevent
the next pandemic. Germfree provides its clients with a unique combination of technology, engineering capabilities,
regulatory experience, and subject-matter expertise. Germfree is a global company with more than 200 facility installations in
more than 32 countries.

Germfree’s focused research and development process delivers exceptional innovation, reliable products, and services.
Germfree provides a work environment that inspires our expert team to produce innovative solutions meeting our client’s
critical requirements.

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