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inRegen’s technology has the potential to restore kidney function by using the patient’s own (autologous) kidney cells. While it has long been held that the body contains cells with regenerative power, inRegen’s technology is able to identify these cells and harness them to restore function lost from chronic diseases. inRegen’s patented technology uses multiple breakthroughs in the manufacturing, automation, and medical delivery of cellular therapy. 

​inRegen’s kidney restoration process begins when a small biopsy of the diseased kidney is sent to inRegen. We can identify the patient’s own healthy progenitor cells and formulate them into a personalized product that can be re-injected into the damaged kidney for repair and restoration of function. 

When Renal Advanced Cell Therapy (REACT) is injected into the diseased kidney, it is programmed to integrate into the damaged tissues and restore function by controlling inflammation, fibrosis and angiogenesis to repair damaged nephrons and form new functioning kidney tissue that ultimately leads to a more healthy kidney without need for surgery or immunosuppression.

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