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InRegen is a biotechnology company focused on developing advanced cellular therapies (ACT) treating chronic kidney disease (CKD). Our technology is based on over 12 years of proprietary breakthroughs in progenitor cell biology research, development and manufacturing. Clinical trial evidence has shown the safety and utility of our ACT platform in patients wi th late stage progressive CKD. Treated patients have remained dialysis – free for up to 4 years post – injection. INREGEN holds the promise to fundamentally transform standard – of – care for the treatment of renal failure.

INREGEN produces a patient’s personalized ACT by using proprietary methods of manufacturing. This therapy triggers regeneration of new functional kidney tissue that eliminates or reduces many of the risks and side – effects of today’s best tr eatments of organ and tissue failure. Since the new tissues are made of the patient’s own cells, there is no risk of rejection and no need for lifelong immunosuppressive therapy.

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