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Logomix is a pioneering synthetic biology company, reshaping the landscape of human genome engineering. With unrivaled expertise in large-scale genome engineering, Logomix drives groundbreaking advancements in the development of multi-functionalized human cells. Our revolutionary Genome-Writing™ platform empowers scientists to introduce precise and extensive genetic alterations, targeting specific loci spanning megabases. This transformative solution unlocks unparalleled possibilities in the development of revolutionary multi-functionalized cells for the fields of cell therapy and regenerative medicine. Taking innovation to the next level, Logomix introduces multiplexing gene screen systems, propelling transformative advancements in these domains. Our exceptional expertise enables us to push boundaries and unlock new frontiers of innovation, paving the way for the future of cell-based medicine. Logomix a seed-stage company in Tokyo, and our SAB and investors include Dr.Jef Boeke (Professor at NYU), Sand Hill Angels, Yasunori Kaneko (former Managing Director, Skyline Venture Partners) and Todd Peterson (former CTO, Synthetic Genomics).

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