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MEDIPOST is a leading stem cell biotechnology company focused on developing products to meet unmet medical needs such as those related to regenerative or functional recovery of knee articular cartilage, the nervous system, the pulmonary system and hematopoietic transplantation engraftment areas.

Revolutionizing medical care

MEDIPOST provides services and develops products related to a readily available and non-controversial source – human umbilical cord blood and human Umbilical Cord Blood derived Mesenchymal Stem Cells (hUCB-MSCs), respectively. The stem cells, coming from unrelated healthy donors, have demonstrated the ability to regenerate and/or to recover functionality of different types of damaged tissues. Such adult stem cell therapies having an “off-the-shelf” concept revolutionize medical treatments and are bringing about a new era of mass-manufactured allogeneic stem cell drug products.

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