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NexImmune was founded by seasoned drug development professionals. The Company has an exclusive license to the Artificial IMmune (AIM™) technology for immuno-therapy from Johns Hopkins University.

The AIM technology was developed in the laboratory of Professor Jonathan Schneck at Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine and is the subject of an extensive intellectual property portfolio that includes issued patents in several countries, including seven issued US patents, and multiple pending US and foreign filings.

AIM technology platform holds strong potential for products to treat cancer, inflammation, viral diseases, transplant rejection, autoimmunity, and more.  The initial focus of the company is the development of cancer therapeutics based on AIM technology.

NexImmune has a Lease and Master Services Agreement with Noble Life Sciences, Inc., a Montgomery County, Maryland-based preclinical drug development services company. Noble provides infrastructural, laboratory, and R&D services, to NexImmune.

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