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The National Stem Cell Foundation is a 501(c)3 non-profit organization that supports peer-reviewed research and clinical trial collaborations in the field of adult stem cell therapies with the potential to treat or cure conditions and diseases affecting people worldwide.

Formerly named the National Foundation to Support Cell Transplant Research, NFCTR became the National Stem Cell Foundation in late 2011.

Many millions of people, many of them children or young adults, may benefit from stem cell therapies being tested in the clinic now.

New fields of adult stem cell research, including regenerative repair and composite (multiple) tissue transplants, have the potential to dramatically improve the lives of people with degenerative disease or traumatic injury.

We believe the application of adult stem cell therapies will significantly reduce global healthcare costs.

We fund researchers and clinicians in a number of strong academic settings and support both collaboration and information sharing wherever possible.

With the ability to see and fund cutting edge research, we hope to create opportunities to leverage and expedite stem cell science.

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