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OrganaBio’s  mission is to democratize access to mission-critical, hard to procure,  resources that companies need for growth. One such resource is  immediately-available GMP manufacturing space. Currently, cell and gene  therapy companies must either build a facility or transfer their IP to a  CDMO, while managing a fragmented and siloed supply chain. The  democratization of immediately-available GMP space would be an  unparalleled solution to a critical industry bottleneck. Companies would  gain business agility and reduce startup timelines and costs,  accelerating the innovation cycle of cell and gene therapies. We are  currently building a multi-tenant manufacturing facility to provide  companies with the option to rent GMP space and manufacture their  products with total control, with only the support services they desire.  Each ISO 7 GMP suite within our facility is engineered for maximum  seclusion from outside spaces and to accommodate tissues, cells, viruses  and other raw materials typically utilized in cell and gene therapy  manufacturing processes. To increase manufacturing flexibility, we have designed our pods  in a modular fashion (i.e. more than one pod may be rented and combined,  walls may be added to the space) to accommodate process changes,  specialty equipment and/or multiple processes/unit operations. Finally,  to support all aspects of manufacturing operations and product  manufacture, testing and release, and to defray overhead and operational  costs, tenants will have access to shared resources (office space,  locker rooms, common areas), OrganaBio subject matter experts in GMP  operations, facilities, process development, Regulatory Affairs, and  Quality Control (QC), and core QC space and equipment. This novel option  presents the industry with a rapid path to manufacturing with no  capital expenditure, while retaining total control over one’s process  and product, establishing a new paradigm in cell and gene therapy  manufacturing.

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