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OrganaBio, LLC is a privately held solutions provider for the cell, gene, and immunotherapy fields. OrganaBio’s company philosophy and portfolio is founded in the belief that supply chain control, quality and redundancy ultimately dictate program success.  As such, OrganaBio has established a proprietary supply chain of perinatal tissue from non-compensated donors and offers the industry a range of cells from these tissues including MSCs, HSCs, NK and T cells. OrganaBio currently manufactures RUO cellular starting materials for allogeneic cell therapy development and is building cGMP manufacturing capabilities (Miami, FL; Q3 2021) to provide cGMP cells to the industry and to address the industry’s need for readily accessible cleanrooms.

OrganaBio Launches Portfolio of Novel Perinatal Tissue-Derived Products to Spur Rapid Development of Cell and Gene Therapies

OrganaBio Begins Construction on its cGMP Cell and Gene Therapy Manufacturing Facility

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