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We have launched our first study researching chromosome 8p deletions and duplications in collaboration with an expert medical team. Accelerating the translation of scientific research into drug or gene therapies and treatment is the cornerstone of our mission.

The goals of our research are to identify which genes cause dysfunction, understand the cause of the disorder, and discover treatment, prevention, and ways to improve the functionality of these genes. Our research strategy is collaborative and transparent. We provide free access to cell lines and organisms to help us find clinically relevant and medically actionable information.

Intelligent Information

We are committed to supporting patients by creating a Standard of Care and a global repository of intelligent information on chromosome 8p. This roadmap will empower families to navigate all areas of diagnosis and prognosis, daily management, medical intervention, nutrition, resources, and cultivating a knowledgeable community. A robust and reliable standard of care will be an invaluable toolkit to get us closer towards the common cause of treatment.

Patient-Centered Community

Our patient led and patient centered approach unites a community of champions that advocate towards a standard of care and treatment. We invite scientists, medical experts, rare disease organizations, and industry to collaborate with us to increase our chances for healthy, happy, and productive lives. By sharing resources and best practices with each other, we can foster economies of scale which is the building block of positive change. The possibilities of genomic medicine are only achievable with a strong community who advocates together in numbers and in turn can influence and generate involvement from scientists, researchers, biotech, pharma, and healthcare industries.

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