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Despite the explosive innovation in therapeutic discovery and development, biomanufacturing innovation and platforms have not kept pace. We intend to change that.

Resilience is a technology-based manufacturing company dedicated to broadening access to complex medicines and protecting biopharmaceutical supply chains from disruption. Founded in 2020, the Company is building a network of high-tech biomanufacturing platforms and capacity to ensure the medicines of today and tomorrow can be made at the quality, cost, and scale to meet patient needs. Resilience offers solutions for cell and gene therapy services from early clinical through commercial manufacturing, including: process and analytical development, cell banking, viral vector production (AAV, LVV), and other viral vectors, immunotherapies, HSCs, iPSCs, and regenerative medicines. We are continuously advancing the science and technology of CGT biomanufacturing by investing heavily in R&D, manufacturing platforms and infrastructure. We focus on deep-rooted partnerships and novel business models. Resilience aims to free its partners’ time and resources to focus on therapeutic discoveries that improve patients’ lives and democratize access to medicines.

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