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Umoja Biopharma, Inc., a transformative immuno-oncology company, creates off-the-shelf treatments for solid and hematological cancers. By reprogramming immune cells to target and fight cancer – all within the patient’s body – Umoja’s expanding patient access to life-saving cell and gene therapies.

Through its integrated in vivo technologies and in-house manufacturing capabilities, Umoja’s addressing the major limitations of today’s cell/gene therapies. Specifically, Umoja’s VivoVecTM delivers any chimeric antigen receptor (CAR) payload to T cells in vivo, omitting the manufacturing and logistical challenges associated with CAR T today. Additionally, Umoja’s RACRTM platform promotes the expansion and survival of generated CAR T-cells, eliminating the need for toxic lymphodepletion. Finally, bispecific adapters called TumorTagsTM target multiple tumor elements, potentially unlocking CAR T for solid tumors.

Umoja aims to bring the promise of CAR T to the masses both through its wholly owned pipeline, as well as the myriad of partnering opportunities enabled by its scalable technologies.

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