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Videregen’s world-leading therapeutic tissue engineering platform addresses unmet medical needs across a range of chronic diseases, including airway, gastrointestinal and immune disorders. The Company has developed a Universal Donor Scaffold and reseeding platform for preparation of therapies for a range of organs such as thymus, airway oesophagus and bowel.

The technology platform is developed and protected by a deep level of IP and in-house expertise, which translates into commercially scalable processing techniques providing first mover advantage and substantial technical, financial and time barrier advantages over potential competitors. Videregen has established a Good Manufacturing Practice (GMP) method capable of producing tissue engineered products on a commercial scale.

The final product is provided to the surgeon in a self-contained bioreactor, which ensures an appropriate environment is maintained during transport to the hospital to ensure the quality, sterility and viability of the tissue engineered product.

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