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Our Mission

Virscio is a privately held translational research company founded to effectively and efficiently advance preclinical development of new therapeutics, drug delivery technologies and medical devices through the use of more relevant disease models. Working closely with study sponsors we offer decades of preclinical and clinical research experience and expertise to address critical research scientific needs, bringing to bear specific expertise experience in the fields of ophthalmology, central nervous system, and metabolic disease translational research. Our unique combination of resources permits rapid evaluation of the pharmacokinetics, safety, and efficacy of therapeutic candidates.

The Virscio Platform

Virscio applies the close genomic, physiologic, and biochemical homology shared between humans and Old World primates to provide disease modeling and evaluation of drug safety and efficacy not possible in other animal models, humans, or in vitro systems. We additionally apply many years of experience in primate biology and project management with expertise in physiology, pharmacology, functional genomics, and bioinformatics to streamline the preclinical pathway. Our commitment to addressing critical study design considerations at all stages of project execution, coupled with access to Old World primates in large numbers under healthy and humane conditions in a primate source country within a U.S. time zone provides Virscio with a powerful and efficient platform for advancing novel interventions, including small molecule, antibody, nucleic acid, and cell replacement therapies. Our laboratories are housed in an AAALAC accredited, GLP compliant primate facility conducive and committed to animal and human well being.

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