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We are leaders in Pioneering “off the shelf” T cell receptor guided NK cells (TCR-NK) that combines adaptive and innate functionality to overcome tumor heterogeneity and induce long lasting responses in solid cancers. Zelluna is developing a unique and proprietary platform technology where we are combining the exquisite targeting capabilities of T cell receptors (TCR) with the innate recognition capabilities, potency, and allogeneic nature of NK cells for the treatment of solid tumors. Our pipeline consists of products targeting well characterized antigens expressed across a broad range of solid tumors (MAGE-A4, KK-LC-1, PRAME), and we have established internal TCR discovery capabilities to further expand our pipeline. Our technology provides antigen specificity to NK cells through the TCR while keeping the pan cancer reactivity of the innate NK function and provides scalable “off the shelf” products to treat solid cancers

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