The Alliance for Regenerative Medicine Announces 2020 Virtual Fly-In, Connecting Sector Stakeholders with Congressional Representatives Amidst the COVID-19 Pandemic

WASHINGTON, DC – May 20, 2020

The Alliance for Regenerative Medicine (ARM), the international advocacy organization for the cell and gene therapy and broader regenerative medicine sector, announced that it will be holding its annual Legislative Fly-In today. This event, which has been remodeled to take place virtually, enables ARM members to advocate on Capitol Hill for legislative support of gene and cellular therapies and other regenerative medicines.

More than 120 ARM members are participating in the event, making this year ARM’s largest Fly-In to date. Participants will form 24 state delegations to meet with Members of Congress via video calls and teleconferencing systems. Participants will discuss the immense near-term potential of gene and cell therapies and the need for legislation that supports patient access to these life-saving treatments.

Specifically, Fly-In participants will be asking Members of Congress to remove legislative barriers to the adoption of value-based payment models for gene and cell therapies. These therapies, which can provide a durable and potentially curative therapeutic effect, often with only a single administration, provide a profound benefit to patients and may result in cost-savings to the healthcare system in the medium to long term. However, existing reimbursement mechanisms have difficulty absorbing the upfront cost of these therapies.

To address these challenges, ARM works with its members and policymakers to promote adoption of innovative payment models for regenerative medicines. These models include annuities, which would allow payors to amortize the cost of therapies over a longer period of time, as well as performance-based models, which tie the payment for a therapy to predetermined health outcomes.

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About The Alliance for Regenerative Medicine

The Alliance for Regenerative Medicine (ARM) is an international multi-stakeholder advocacy organization that promotes legislative, regulatory and reimbursement initiatives necessary to facilitate access to life-giving advances in regenerative medicine worldwide. ARM also works to increase public understanding of the field and its potential to transform human healthcare, providing business development and investor outreach services to support the growth of its member companies and research organizations. Prior to the formation of ARM in 2009, there was no advocacy organization operating in Washington, D.C. to specifically represent the interests of the companies, research institutions, investors and patient groups that comprise the entire regenerative medicine community. Today, ARM has more than 350 members and is the leading global advocacy organization in this field. To learn more about ARM or to become a member, visit