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2018 Annual Report

This quarterly data report details industry-specific statistics compiled from hundreds of cell therapy, gene therapy, tissue engineering, and other regenerative medicine therapeutic developers worldwide, including total financings, partnerships and other deals, clinical trial information, key clinical data events, and ARM’s current strategic priorities.

Global Landscape


Regenerative Medicine Companies
Worldwide, Including Gene and
Cell Therapies, and Tissue Engineering
Therapeutic Developers


Total 2018 Global Financings

Total Global Financing

$13.3 Billion


Increase from 2017

Gene & Gene-modified
Cell Therapy

$9.7 Billion


Increase from 2017

Cell Therapy

$7.6 Billion


Increase from 2017

Tissue Engineering

$937 Million


Decrease from 2017

Total Global Financings by Type

Clinical Trials

Number of Clinical Trials Utilizing Specific
RM / AT Technology:

EOY 2018

Gene Therapy
Cell Therapy
Cell Therapy
Tissue Engineering